Weekly Update # 8

JPosted by Joe Oppenheimanuary 31, 2014


This week we really buckled down and planned how we were going to approach the coming weeks before the state tournament. We had a team meeting to discuss deadlines, and some people assumed new responsibilities, especially in outreach. We also added a new scoring mechanism for autonomous.

"Snow Day Showdown VII" Qualifier

FPosted by Lanre Danmolaebruary 2, 2014


Today we traveled to Highstown New Jersey to compete in the last NJ FTC Qualifier of the Season. I am proud to say that today we reached our goal and qualified for the New Jersey State Tournament for the fourth consecutive year! The whole team did a great job today as we came out in full force in our brand new uniforms. These definitely helped us win the Inspire award at today's qualifier. We finished ranked in 6th place and were the first pick of an alliance captain, unfortunately we didn't finish with the win. Congratulations to the Tesla Pandas for being the winning alliance captain and congratulations to all the members of team 4102 for the spectacular performance today!/p>

Check out the full results here!

Weekly Update # 7

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 31, 2014


This week we added some finishing touches to our robot in preparation for the last qualifier of the season. So far we've made lower side panels to prevent blocks from going under the robot and printed a new flag spinner. Furthermore we've been practicing a lot and testing out different game strategies.

Wayne Hills Wrap up meet

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 26, 2014


At today's meet we traveled to Wayne hill high school to get some much needed practice for our upcoming qualifier at Highstown High School on February 2. All three Columbia teams came out and unfortunately we showed little improvement as we finished in 20th place, the lowest of the Columbia teams. On a brighter note, we managed to wow the judges with our unique robot and win the PTC Design award. Furthermore we were nominated for innovate and we're the first runner up. Finally now we know exactly what to work in order to qualify on Sunday. Our plans include improving the robot's speed, lifting and autonomous.

Check out the full results here!

Weekly Update # 6

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 24, 2014


This week we were really hurt by the inclement weather. Deterred by a huge snow storm we lost two days of work. Luckily we were able to complete our lifting mechanism and get some practice in. We aren't as ready as we'd like to be for our meet in Wayne on the 24th, but we'll be going into it with high hopes.

NJ FTC "Frozen Frenzy" Qualifier

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 18, 2014


In the middle of this week we were lucky enough to get invited to travel to Timothy Christian School for the Frozen Frenzy Qualifier. Unfortunately we were rather disappointed with our performance. We finished in 30th place and this was largely due to malfunctions in our hanging mechanism.

Check out the full results here!

Weekly Update # 5

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 17, 2014


This week we did a lot of building as usual. We had to disassemble the robot in order to create a lift mechanism that is integrated with our sliders. The new system was able to lift the robot but there was gear slippage. Builders fixed this by making the entire gear chain linear and contained to one tetrix channel. We also had some issues keeping the ropes in sync ad are still working on that now.

Weekly Update # 4

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 10, 2014


This week we shifted our focus a lot from building and more towards the notebook. The notebook underwent many changes this week and is significantly better than ever before. It is entirely online allowing for anyone to access it from any location. Entries are much more detailed and do a great job of illustrating our journey throughout this season. As for the robot, unfortunately we discovered over the weekend that our hanging mechanism contained illegal parts. Our next plan will attach hooks to the slider, making our block-lifting mechanism multi-purposed.

NJ FTC "Robo-Joust" Qualifier

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 5, 2014


Today, our team traveled to the Livingston High School in hopes to improve on yesterday's performance. Disappointingly we failed to do any better, finishing 30th out of 34 teams. With the addition of pom poms however, we managed to show exceptional team spirit and walk away with the motivate award. From this weekend we learned that we have a lot of award potential and could even win Inspire in our next qualifier. We just have to stay focused and keep showing the judges why we're a unique multi-dimensional team.

Check out the full results here!

NJ FTC Liberty Science Center Qualifier

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 4, 2014


Today, our team traveled to the Liberty Science in hopes to qualify for the state tournament. Unfortunately our match performance still leaves much be to desired and we finished 15th out of 23 teams. In the awards category we did pretty well taking home the connect award. We were also the first runner up for the Innovate and Motivate awards and second runner up for the control award. Congratulations to team 7906, ICE squared, for being the captain of the winning alliance. We're excited to improve during tomorrow's meet at Livingston High School.

Check out the full results here!

Weekly Update # 3

JPosted by Lanre Danmolaanuary 3, 2014


Happy New Year Everyone! Team 4102 is ready to kick off 2014 with two Qualifiers consecutive this weekend! The first will be the 3rd Annual NJ FTC Liberty Science Center Qualifier Hosted by team 4220, the Landroids. Next will be the “Robo-Joust” Qualifier, which was originally scheduled for December 15th of last year, but got postponed due to bad weather. In preparation for our big weekend, all team members have been hard at work. Builders have been working hard to troubleshoot all current design issues, notable fixes to the robot made this week include: a pulley system that no longer slips and block ejection no longer interferes with the pulley system. Recent rewiring of motors and servos has also put Programmers hard at work to make sure that the Tele-op code is running well. To show all of these improvements, we will be adding a Meet The Robot page to the site. Finally everyone has been utilizing google docs to perfect our new and improved digital engineering notebook.

Weekly Update # 2

DPosted by Lanre Danmolaecember 20, 2013


This week the builders put in a lot of work. We've finally installed a hanging mechanism onto the robot, which gives us an edge during end game. We've also got our autonomous to start running smoothly. As for Tele-op we've been continuously improving our primary scoring mechanism. New treads have been installed on our conveyor belt and the trough has been reassembled with cool new 3D printed parts. As for this website check out the new Meet the Team page right here.

Weekly Update # 1

DPosted by Bryce Petersonecember 13, 2013


This week was pretty crazy I must admit. Thanks to everybody who put in 4 to 5 + hour days for multiple days, it has been worth it. The robot has come a long way as you can all see, but we still need to finish and test it. The cancellation of the meet was great news, as it gives us the time to get to 100%. That being said, we cannot slow the pace right now. Lets keep working till we are confident in our abilities. For the upcoming week we’re going to have more meetings.

NJ FTC "Robo-CATastrophe" Qualifier

DPosted by Jared LeBronecember 2, 2013


Today, for the second year in a row, we hosted a qualification tournament at our home field, Columbia High School. We not only got a lot of teams to come, but also had a lot of enthusiastic fans come to show their support for the Cougars! We would like to congratulate MOE(team 365), Dragon Terminators (team 5873), and the Highland Undefined (team 3983) on being the winning alliance at this qualifier! Thank you all of the volunteers that helped us out, and to all the fans that came out to support us. We may have not done as well as we had anticipated, but we are working hard to learn from this meet and improve our robot for next time.

Check out the full results here!

NJ FTC "Halloweekend" Meet

OPosted by Lanre Danmolactober 27, 2013


Today, our team kicked of the 2013-2014 Robotics season at River Dell High School for a Northeast and Western Region, Halloween themed meet. Unfortunately, our high expectations weren't met, and our performance was a disappointment. We placed 22nd overall and scored a high of 64. While we didn't do as great as we had hoped, the meet was an eye-opener and we are ready to shift into high gear.

Check out the full results here!

NJ FTC "Robo-CATastrophe" Qualifier

DPosted by Zachary Knowlesecember 2, 2012


Today, we hosted a qualification tournament at our very own Columbia High School. Everything ran very smoothly, and the event was a great success! We would like to congratulate the Dragon Terminators (team 5783), Fatal Error (team 248), and the Lancers (team 3415) on being the winning alliance at this qualifier! We would also like to thank all of the volunteers that helped us out in setting up, managing the event, providing baked goods, etc. Although we did not actually participate in this meet, it was still enjoyable to watch other teams display their robots' talents.

Check out the full results here!

NJ FTC Afternoon Meet

NPosted by Zachary Knowlesovember 30, 2012


Today, our team traveled to Madison High School and competed with other teams from the Western and Northeastern regions in our first official meet of the 2012-2013 season! We dominated every match that we participated in and finished well ahead of everyone else as far as points scored. In fact, we set a new FTC world record for individual points scored in a single match (220 points)! We are very excited to have achieved this score, and we will look to get even better in the future. We still have not scored anything in autonomous mode yet, so there is plenty of work to be done.

Check out the full results here!

NJ FTC "Halloween" Weekend Meet

October 28, 2012Posted by Zachary Knowles


Today, we traveled to River Dell High School for a scrimmage to kick off the 2012-2013 season! We competed with many other robotics teams from the Northeastern and Western regions of New Jersey. At the competition, we advanced to the elimination rounds but were eliminated in the semifinal round. On a more positive note, we received the Innovative Award at this meet! We will look to improve our robot's scoring mechanism and autonomous program for the future.

Check out the full results here!